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Alice Pallot presents 3 exhibitions at Amsterdam Unseen in september 2022:
Unseen Photo Fair in Westergas, she presents her new series "Algues maudites" made during the 1+2 Residency and presented at booth 14 of the Hangar at Unseen.

Unbound, where she will presents with the collective De Anima: Oyster Mushroom Orchestra "O.M.O", a "bio-augmented" installation. This exhibition is curated by Damarice Amao, curator of photography at the Centre Pompidou Paris. The collective is composed of Alexandre Carril, Raphaële Carril, Jimme Cloo, Adrien Gelin, Alphonse Maitrepierre and Alice Pallot.
image 3D: Adem Elahel

The third exhibition ".tiff" recently presented at the FOMU in Antwerp, will be shown at the Cultural Center Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. The opening will take place on Friday September 16th, from 5pm to 8pm. She will presents the series "Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelids" through a scenography by Big time studio/ Jimme Cloo.

Alice will also sign the reprint of her book "Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelids" edition of 20 copies, at Tipi bookshop at Unseen bookmarket on Saturday September 17th at 6pm.

See you there!!

Alice Pallot will present “Suillus II ”  at UNSEEN PHOTO FAIR 2021 with “Hangar Gallery”

The fair takes place from Thursday 17 to Sunday 19 September in the iconic Cultuurpark Westergas in Amsterdam.

« Suillus was created in Lommelse Sahara -
Alice Pallot is reporting on this natural space completely destroyed by the zinc industry and finally transformed into a nature reserve, a metaphor of possible reconstruction. Refusing to confine herself to the idea of  a disenchanted generation, Alice Pallot delivers a message of hope...”

Text by Constance Nguyen


Alice Pallot’s new series “Suillus” is part of the exhibition “The World Within” during the PhotoBrussels Festival 05 at Hangar Art Center, Brussels -

The exhibition  is on set from 23/01/2021 until the 27/03/2021

« Suillus was created in Lommelse Sahara -
Alice Pallot is reporting on this natural space completely destroyed by the zinc industry and finally transformed into a nature reserve, a metaphor of possible reconstruction. Refusing to confine herself to the idea of  a disenchanted generation, Alice Pallot delivers a message of hope...”

Text by Constance Nguyen


Alice Pallot will be part of a book signing to present her new edition “HIMERO” at Librairy Livre aux trésors, Liège, on saturday 24/10 - 17h00-19h00.

The exhibition “L’Île Himero” is on set at  Satellite Gallery part of BIP2020 until the 15/11/2020

This book was published in the occasion of the Biennale de l’Image Possible de Liège 2020
«HIMERO», 48 pages. 17 x 24 cm, hardcover with cover sleeve.
Designed, bound and published by Page Works. Limited edition of 30.

You can order your copy of «HIMERO» by sending a mail to or through their Instagram. It’s 30€.


For her next exhibition, Alice Pallot will present a new form of  the series “L’île Himero” 

It will be held in the 9th of september 2020 in Liège, Belgium, at the “Satellite Gallery” with the culturel center “Les Chiroux” until the 15th of November 2020.

This exhibition is part of the “Biennale de l’image Possible 2020” 


The Oasis series will be part of “En Piste”, from the 28th of august 2020 until the 6th of september in Liège.

Oasis is realized in collaboration with Botanical Agency (Elena Seegers and Simon de Dreuille). OASIS is the name of a company specialized in the manufacture of green plastic-based foam blocks, used for floral design, that keeps the flower arrangements fresh and moist and keep them in place. It is also highly toxic and non-biodegradable. The foam decomposes rapidly into a powder that is a source of long-lasting, diffuse and aggressive pollution. The series examines the paradigm between the beauty of the « eternal » flowers and the uglyness of an ecological disaster. At a time we must reconsider our techniques and choose how we want to engage in the biosphere, Alice Pallot thought that OASIS, as a set of immersive images filled with details, would help to focus and reflect.


Exhibitions / Residency

2023 Nov — Solo show, “Algues maudites”, La Chambre Claire, Glaz festival, Rennes, FR
2023 Oct — Group show, “Das Lebendig”, Fotohous Berlin & Fondation MRO (Arles), Berlin, DE
2023 Sept — Group show, “Champs submarins”, Biennale Photo Climat, Mac de Creteil, FR
2023 July — Group show, “La Nuit de l’année”, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Croisière, Arles, FR
2023 June — Group show, “On the Verge”, Futures, Fotofestiwal, Lodz, PL
2023 June — Group show, “On the Verge”, Futures, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, DK
2023 May — Group show, “Algues maudites”, NTUA, New Tapei, Taïwan
2023 May — Solo show, “Algues maudites”, Pierrevives, Les Boutographies, Montpellier, FR
2023 May — Group show, “Entre les algues”, Nouveau monde, Assemblée des noues, Abbaye st-Maurice, Bretagne, France
2023 April — Group show, “Echoes of tomorrow”, Art Brussels OFF, Hangar, Brussels, BE
2023 January — Group show, “Topographies sensibles”, Galerie Talmart, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles,Paris, FR
2022 october — Group show, “On the Verge”, Futures, Camera, Turin, IT
2022 october — Group show, “Histoires naturelles”, Résidence 1+2, Chapelle des Cordeliers, Toulouse, FR
2022 september — Group show, «Prométhée, le jour d’après», Centre des arts d’Enghien, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Enghien, FR
2022 september — Group show with collective De Anima, UNBOUND, curated by Damarice Amao, Centre Pompidou Paris, Amsterdam, NL
2022 september — Group show with Hangar, UNSEEN Photo Fair, Amsterdam, NL
2022 June — Group show, «. tiff », Fotomuseum Antwerpen, Anvers, BE
2022 June — Residency, Résidence 1+2, Toulouse, FR
2022 March — Residency, Laboratory of the possible image, Biennale de l’Image Possible de Liège, BE
2022 March — Residency, Espace Triphasé, Brussels, BE
2022 February — Solo show - De Anima, Hangar, PhotoBrussels Festival, Brussels, BE
2022 January — Solo show with collectif De Anima, Espace Adaventura, PhotoBrussels Festival, Brussels, BE
2022 January — Group show, Immix Galerie, Paris, FR
2022 November — Solo show - Residency with De Anima, Cité Maréchaire de Romainville, Paris,FR
2021 November — Solo show, La Caserne opening, Paris, FR
2021 September — Group show with Hangar, UNSEEN, Amsterdam, NL
2021 January-March — Group show, «The World Within, Suillus», PhotoBrussels Festival, Hangar, Brussels, Belgium
2020 September-November — Solo show, “L’Île Himero”, Satellite Gallery, Biennale de L’Image Possible de Liège
2020 September — Group show, “Dans quel monde rêvons-nous?” by Xeno, Bozar, Brussels
2020 August-Septembre — Solo Show, “En Piste!”, Satellite Gallery, La Boverie, Liège
2019-2020 — Group exhibition, "Photo Brussels Festival", Hangar Art Center, Brussels
2019 June — Group exhibition, "Photographers", N'Oblige Gallery, Paris
2019 Avril — Group exhibition, "L'Or Bleu", N'Oblige Gallery, Paris
2019 March — Group exhibition, "Photobook Belge", Fotomuseum Antwerpen, Anvers
2019 February — Solo exhibition, "L'Île Himero", 45 Rue d'Hauteville, Paris
2019 January — Group exhibition, "Everglades", La Réserve, c. by Lola Meotti, Brussels
2018 November — Solo exhibition, «Japonisme 2018», Artothèque B. Rabier, Paris
2018 November — Solo exhibition, «Les Récifs», Chapelle Lacordaire, Marseille
2018 July-September — Group exhibition, Voies-Off, Jute Galerie, Arles
2018 June — Group exhibition, Diplôme, Hangar Art Center, Brussels
2017 July — Group exhibition, "Drive Slow", Pavillon Baltard, Paris
2017 July — Group exhibition, Diep-haven Festival, "Work", Dieppe (France)
2017 June — Group exhibition, "Miroir", La Vallée, Brussels
2017 March — Group exhibition, "La réserve", 425 Avenue Louise, Brussels
2017 February — Collaboration with "JRipato Corp", Vertige gallery, Brussels
2016 June — Group exhibition, Graduate exhibition "Mirages", 186 Av. Louise, Brussels
2016 June — Group exhibition, Labo Linea, "Retrospective", Zoom hotel gallery, Brussels
2016 April — Group exhibition, "Plaies/Pause", Botanique, Brussels
2015 June — Group exhibition, Botanique, Brussels
2014 June — Group exhibition, Trademart, Brussels


Janv 2024— Finalist of “BMW ART MAKERS” with curator Léonore Chirol, FR
Janv 2024— Finalist of the price “Résidence pour la photographie” Fondation des Treilles, FR
Sept 2023— Laureate of the “Rencontres de la jeune photographie internationale”, Villa Perochon, FR
Jul 2023— Laureate of “Mentorat des filles de la photo”, FR
2022 Sept — Finalist “Plat(t)form Fotomuseum Winterthour”,CH
June 2022 — Selected for exhibition “On the verge” of European Futures Photography for the year 2022
April 2022 — Laureate Residency 1+2 Factory 2022 (Toulouse)
January 2022 — Laureate of the .TIFF program with FOMU (fotomuseum Antwerpen)
January 2022 — In the 10 Finalist of the Nouvelles Écritures de la Photographie Environnementale Award with la Gacilly and Fisheye
June 2021 — Nominated for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2021, Newcomer category
May 2020 — Laureate of "The World Within", PhotoBrussels Festival, Hangar, Brussels
June 2018 — Award for the "Roger De Conynck's Price", Foundation Roi Baudouin, Brussels
July 2018 — Selected for the "Artagon contest"
May 2018 — Selected for the Fresnoy’s oral

Publications art

2023 June— Algues maudites, a sea of tears, publication Area Books, Paris, France
2023 April— On the Verge, publication Void, GR
2022 June— Suillus, 2nd edition– Self publication, Brussels, Belgium
2021 January— Suillus – Self publication, Brussels, Belgium
2020 August— Himero – Éditions Page Works, Brussels, Belgium
2019 April — The series Oasis is part of Vegetal Trauma – Spectre 2 - Éditions Cosa mental, Paris
2016 February— Land – Self publication, Lausannes, Switzerland

2024 Janvier — «Fisheye», Lou Tsatsa Algues maudites, 5/2024
2023 December — «Yegg Mag», Algues maudites, 12/2023
2023 October — «Liberation», par Copélia Mainardi, Algues maudites, 10/2023
2023 October — «Bikini Mag», Algues maudites, 10/2023
2023 September — «Fisheye», Algues maudites, 09/2023
2023 Aout — «Liberation», par Laure Troussière, Suillus, Hangar 04/2023
2023 April — «Fisheye», par Ana Corderot, Algues maudites, Hangar 04/2023
2023 April — «Le soir», par Jean-Marie Wynants, Algues maudites, Hangar 04/2023
2023 April — «L’Echo», par Johan-Frédérik-Hel-Guedj, Algues maudites, Hangar 04/2023
2023 April — «Le Quotidien de l’Art», Algues maudites, Hangar 04/2023
2023 April — «Bruzz TV», Algues maudites, Hangar 04/2023
2023 January — «Palm, magazine du jeu de Paume Paris», par collectif Moss  01/2023
2022 october — «Fisheye», par Alexandre Mouawad, Algues maudites, Résidence 1+2 10/2022
2022 october — «L’intervalle» par Fabien Ribery, Algues maudites, Résidence 1+2 31/10/2022
2022 october — «Lense Culture», Résidence 1+2, 10/06/2022
2022 June — «9 Lives Magazine», Résidence 1+2, 12/04/2022
2022 February — «Libération», PhotoBrussels Festival 06, 24/02/2022
2021 March — «Plus Magazine», PhotoBrussels Festival 05, 01/03/2021
2021 March — «Libération», Gilles Renault, 27/02/2021
2021 February — «La Première Radio (Par ouïe dire)», Fabrice Kada, 18/02/2021
2021 February — TV show, «T’es de sortie» (BX1), Jessica Matthys, 09/02/2021
2021 February — «MAD» (Le soir), 03/02/2021
2021 February — «», 03/02/2021
2021 February — «Marie Claire», Aurélia Dejond, 01/02/2021
2021 January — «Fisheye Magazine N45» , 20/01/2021
2021 January — «MAD»(Le soir), Jean-Marie Wynants, 27/01/2021
2021 January — «DM Magazine» (De Morgen), 23/01/2021
2021 January — «L’Oeil de la photographie», 22/01/2021
2021 January — «Weekend» (Knack), 20/01/2021
2020 December — «Fomo-Vox», Marie de la Fresnaye, 01/12/2020 (itw. D. Dumont
2020 September — «Vice Belgique», Hanna Pallot, 24/09/2020
2020 October— «L’Eventail», Gwennaëlle Gribaumont, 27/10/2020
2019 November — «Arts Libre» (La Libre Belgique), Jean-Marc Bodson, 20/11/2019
2021 November — TV show, «T’es de sortie» (BX1), Jessica Matthys, 26/11/2019
2019 November — «Mad» (Le Soir), Aliénor Debrocq, 20/11/2019
2019 November — Radio, «Bruxelles Vit !» (BX1 Radio), Charlotte Maréchal, 19/11/2019
2019 November — TV show, «TV Le Mug» (La Première RTBF), Élodie de Sélys & Xavier Vanbuggenhout,
2019 December — «La Dernière Heure» (ed. Bruxelles), S.E.M., 12/11/2019

2019 December — «La Libre Belgique», S.E.M., 12/11/2019
2019 April — Oasis with Botanical Agency, published in Vegetal Trauma – Spectre 2 - Editions Cosa mentale
2018 October — «Fisheye Magazine», Hors-serie, Year Book 2018
2017 July — Catalog, Diep-haven Festival, "Work" , France
2018 July — L’Île Himero,Voies-Off Festival, Arles, edition Voies-Off
2018 July — L’Île Himero, La Cambre Graduate, Brussels

2017 May — Les Récifs tissent des toiles, Diep-haven Festival «Work», Dieppe, France
2017 March — «L’Échos», Abyss, Brussels

Exibition view, Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelides, Hangar Art Center ,Brussels, January 2021

Exhibition view, Oasis, Hangar Art Center, Photo Brussels Festival, Brussels, December 2019

Exhibition view, L’Île Himero, Hangar Art Center, Artagon, Brussels, June 2018.

Exhibition view, Les Récifs tissent des toiles, La Réserve, Brussels, March 2017.

Exhibition view, Oosphère and Les Récifs tissent des toiles, La Vallée, Brussels, June 2017