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For her next exhibition, Alice Pallot will present a new form of  the series “L’île Himero”. 

It will be held in the first of July 2020 in Liège, Belgium, at the “Satellite Gallery” with the culturel center “Les Chiroux” until the 6th of September 2020


Alice Pallot's next exhibition will be held in November 2019 in Brussels as part of the "PhotoBrussels Festival” until the 18th of January 2020

For PhotoBrussels Festival, Alice Pallot presents, in collaboration with Botanical Agency (Elena Seegers and Simon de Dreuille), her new series OASIS. OASIS is the name of a company specialized in the manufacture of green plastic-based foam blocks, used for floral design, that keeps the flower arrangements fresh and moist and keep them in place. It is also highly toxic and non-biodegradable. The foam decomposes rapidly into a powder that is a source of long-lasting, diffuse and aggressive pollution. The series examines the paradigm between the beauty of the « eternal » flowers and the uglyness of an ecological disaster. At a time we must reconsider our techniques and choose how we want to engage in the biosphere, Alice Pallot thought that OASIS, as a set of immersive images filled with details, would help to focus and reflect.