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Alice Pallot presents the exhibition Algues maudites, a sea of tears for the first time in Paris at Fisheye Gallery. Opening the 11th of april 2024 at 6.30pm ! The exhibition will run until the 27th of april.

In 2022, Alice Pallot was selected to participate in the Résidence 1+2 (Toulouse, FR), a festival of creative in-residence stints intended to get photography and science engage in dialogue. Under this programme, she developed the series Algues maudites, a sea of tears, which focuses on the toxic algae that have been proliferating for several years in coastal waters as well as in certain rivers in Britany. These algae constitute a real environmental and health problem as they generate visual, olfactory and toxic pollution. When not collected, they form clusters that start decaying and if handled or trampled, release a gas, hydrogen sulphide (H2S). This gas is highly concentrated and becomes harmful and deadly. The multiplication of these algae, a consequence of global warming and the waste from intensive agriculture, contributes to the creation of morbid landscapes, without organic life that look congealed. With Algues maudites, a sea of tears, Alice Pallot makes a sensitive documentary permeated by the notion of anticipation.

She evokes the real albeit imperceptible toxicity of algae and anoxic environments to make us face up to the unpredictability of tomorrow’s world and the decline of biodiversity and its ecosystems.

Alice Pallot is laureate of the 30 years of Rencontres de la jeune photographie internationale, Villa Perochon. Opening the 5th of april 2024 at Niort ! The exhibition will run until the 25th of may.

For the the 30th anniversary of the Rencontres de la Jeune photographie Internationale at La Villa Perochon, the artist is continuing his exploration of toxic algae in a new experimental project, presenting the installation Algues maudites, toxicity of lansdscape matter.

Inspired by a scientific accident that took place at the CNRS in 2022, this living installation will be produced with Bigtime studio.

It shows cyanobacteria algae cultures growing on photographic prints. This process provides an immersive experience of a non-visible toxicity printed on the print. This series of images shows the Bay of Saint-Brieuc in a state of flux, at a time when the environmental crisis has become a major issue.